Marcie Pineda

Admin Assistant to Pastor David

Marcie Pineda has served along Pastors David and Jill, volunteering to build Covenant Life in 2011 and joined the ministry since 2020.

Marcie dedicated her covenant walk with GOD in 2002. Met the love of her life at 16 and married Oscar Pineda her high school hunk in 1995; they have 5 daughters and 1 grandchild.  Marcie and Oscar served for many years and have been attending Covenant Life for 11 years, serving in many areas of the church. Their passion is to love God in all they do. For He that is in us is Greater than he that is in the world – 1 John 4:4. Family is the essence of God to Marcie and Oscar, and they desire to do it with Love, Power and Purpose—Living everyday with intention.

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