Jasmine Curry

Children’s Pastor

I am a daughter of God, Wife to Cory, and Mom to Jeremiah and Zoe.

My passion for ministry is teaching young people the foundational truths they need to thrive even in their young age, and as they grow up. They need to know who God is, and who He says they are from a young age. Kids have an amazing capacity to know and love God and even understand the things of God! When they are born again, the same Holy Spirit that lives in Mom and Dad live in them! Kids have great imaginations, and simply believe! God tells us to come to Him like them.

My passion for life is my family. They are my greatest gift from the Father and my heart ❤️

In my spare time I love watching cleaning and homemaking videos on YouTube, and my husband and kids think I’m so weird for it haha.

My favorite scripture is:                                                                              

Isaiah 41:10

Covenant kids are taught of the Lord and great is their peace! Covenant kids grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man! Covenant kids are BLESSED and a BLESSING everywhere they go!

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